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Soriano nel Cimino, Viterbo, Italy

November 10-13  |  2017

A Premier Tensegrity® & Theater of Infinity® Workshop & Tour


Open the Gates of Dreaming is a live 3-day event with Renata Murez and Bruce Wagner,
apprentices of Carlos Castaneda, designed to help you unlock the potential of your dreams.


For those who are still looking for accommodation in Soriano nel Cimino, you can contact Promotuscia at the following mail addresses and, if you like, have an extra meals package at the Hotel together with the group of the practitioners: o

Soriano nel Cimino, A typical medieval town in Central, Italy just 70 km from Rome, perched on a hill dominated by a castle, around which are other residences. The castle of the XIII century, was built over the remains of an older watchtower, by the members of the noble family of the Orsini. Over the centuries all around the castle were built beautiful noble villas with large Italian gardens. Everything in Soriano shows how the little city has been important and dense with history.

Innumerable personalities born from renowned families ruled in the area of Soriano, and played active social roles in politics, religion and law.

During the annual festival of chestnuts, a still nowadays very beloved manifestation, it seems like being transported back to the Middle Ages.

Archers and knights of the four contrade (town quarters) challenge each other in the Palio historical contest, and historical representations, such as -- exhibitions in the art of the sword, the rescue of the virgin from the dragon, and the inquisition of the witch – can be viewed.

The landscape:

The mountains all around the village and hotel are covered with large forests, the remains of the legendary Selva Cimina, beloved to the Etruscans and the Romans, who defined it as a sacred and impassable place. The higher mountain is the Cimino, covered by chestnut woods and secular beeches, among the highest in Europe, like columns pushing towards the sky. The beech forest, larger than 50 hectares, is one of the most beautiful natural places in Central Italy.


Of great interest both artistic and cultural is the nearby town of Viterbo just 15 km. From the naturalistic point of view, Lake Vico, which gives the name to a vast natural reserve of great beauty.



Surrounded by the green of the Natural Reserve of the Cimini Mountains. It’s raises 700 meters above see in a panoramic position, overlooking the large valley of the Tiber River and the village of Soriano.

Besides a lovely hall for Tensegrity® practice, the hotel offers a good restaurant, bar, lounges, panoramic balconies and a garden; every room has private facilities, including TV and Wi-Fi. The whole complex will be available only for us practitioners during this event.

In order to facilitate the hotel booking of the participants at the workshop, below are indicated the different packages relating to the stay in hotel which include accommodation in a double room with bathroom and meals. Please, read carefully all the options offered since at the moment of the booking you will need to indicate the package you intend to purchase.

Hotel booking possibly not later than October, 8, 2017

In addition to all the packages offered, there is the possibility to add days of stay both before and after the workshop, meals, single room; these extra options have to be required by mail to the address Will be provided the “custom” amount to be paid at the time of booking.

This Workshop has been dreamed as a way to share the same “dreaming bubble” for the whole period of workshop, that’s why we have found for all of us a structure where to lodge all together….

Participants who are not staying at Hotel LA BASTIA, are requested to pay at the structure € 15, per person, per day for the utilization of the common space. Thank you.

There are only very few rooms, single occupancy, availables. They are part of small apartments formed by two bedrooms; one single and one double occupancy. Only one bathroom, for three people, to be shared. If interested, before paying, write to asking for avalaibility.


  1. Arrival Friday November 10 morning
    Departure Sunday November 12
    Includes: 2 overnight stays, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts
    Price: € 138
  2. Arrival Friday November 10 morning
    Departure Monday November 13
    Includes: 3 overnight stays, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts
    Price: € 180
  3. Arrival Friday November 10 morning
    Departure Tuesday November 14
    Includes: 4 overnight stays, 3 lunches, 4 dinners, 4 breakfasts
    Price: € 230
  4. Arrival Thursday November 9 afternoon
    Departure Sunday November 12
    Includes: 3 overnight stays, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts
    Price: € 180
  5. Arrival Thursday November 9 afternoon
    Departure Monday November 13
    Includes: 4 overnight stays, 3 lunches, 4 dinners, 4 breakfasts
    Price: € 230
  6. Arrival Thursday November 9 afternoon
    Departure Tuesday November 14
    Includes: 5 overnight stays, 3 lunches, 5 dinners, 5 breakfasts
    Price: € 280

Extra Options

  1. Extra meal € 18
  2. Single room supplement € 18 per night
  3. Extra day of stay € 60 per day, per person, full board.

Payment for the accommodation with bank transfer to:

Associazione InfinitArmonia
Banca Unicredit – Agenzia Roma Clodio
IBAN: IT 22 D 02008 05133 000104856518
BIC Swift: UNCRITM1730

Please specify in the field of description: Name, Last name, chosen package and an e-mail address for the confirmation.

After the registration, a confirmation letter and a form will be send in which the following information will be requested:

  • Meal choice: standard menu (meat/fish), vegan menu, celiac menu;
  • Name of the roommate to share the room. If any name is indicated, a roommate will be chosen by the Hotel.

For questions related to the form: or
Or call the number: +39 346 8187972 Monday to Friday 10:00 am/1:00 pm.


By registering to this workshop you become a member of the INFINITARMONIA Association, the Italian organizer of this event. In compliance with Italian law for associations, you will need to fill in a form providing some of your personal information. This information is mandatory and for administration purpose only. Your information will be kept private. It will never be shared nor sold. Click here to subscribe.


Rome is the nearest big city to Soriano (70 km), easily reachable both by car and by train or plane. Rome has two airports: Fiumicino and Ciampino. Fiumicino is an international airport for the most important fly companies. Ciampino is for the most part of Ryanair and other low cost flights.


From north and south: Motorway A1 Firenze-Roma, exit Orte, then go on direction Viterbo until the fork to Soriano nelCimino.

From Rome you can reach Soriano along the National road Cassia, direction Viterbo then, at Monterosi, go on along the road Cassia Cimina to Ronciglione and then Soriano nelCimino.


From Rome Termini Station to Orte Station. Journey: 35’/45’, trains frequency every 30’. Price: € 5,00 slow train, € 9,00 intercity train. Any solution you choose… TAKE THE DIRECT TRAIN WITHOUT CHANGE!

From Orte: public bus to Soriano.

Public buses COTRAL from Orte to Soriano are not frequent and La Bastia Hotel is more than 1 km uphill from the bus stop. Closest bus stop for Hotel La Bastia is Piazza della Repubblica.

We’re arranging a SHUTTLE service from Orte to Soriano ON REQUEST.

If you’re interested write to: with the request and at what time will be your arrival in Orte. Not later than October 8, 2017.

Taxi Service: Taxi service (also for few people who want to share the car) from Orte or from Soriano to Hotel La Bastia. Taxi needs to be booked in advance calling the number + 39 348 9239271


From Fiumicino:

  • every hour, a direct train from the Airport to Orte. 2h15’ journey, € 11,00.
  • every 30’ from the Airport, change at Roma Tiburtina to Orte. 1h45’ journey, € 11,00.
  • Every 30’ from the Airport (train Leonardo Express) to Roma Termini. 30’ journey, 14,00 then train to Orte, 35’/45’ journey, € 5,00 slow train, € 9,00 intercity train. Any solution you choose… TAKE THE DIRECT TRAIN WITHOUT CHANGE!

From Ciampino:

Public buses from the Airport to Rome Termini Station every 15’/20’. Then train to Orte, 35’/45’ journey, € 5,00 slow train, € 9,00 intercity train, trains frequency every 30’. Any solution you choose… TAKE THE DIRECT TRAIN WITHOUT CHANGE!


13 novembre 2017
One-Day Tour to

BOMARZO PARK and CIVITA di BAGNOREGIO Created by dreams, walk these locations as if in a dream….

BOMARZO PARK, known as Park of the Monsters, has several names: Sacred Wood and Garden of Marvels…. because the great sculptures scattered about seem to change shape and form, as if existing in a dream, depending upon the perception and interpretation of the viewer…..

The Park is also wood and villa and is marvelous and monstrous at the same time because of the big fantastic sculptures…….

Designed in 1552 by the learned Prince of Bomarzo, Vicino Orsini, who wanted to dedicate it to his wife's memory, has nothing to do with the orderly and typical Italian Renaissance gardens.

Surreal sculptures have been made on site with local stone, large boulders of volcanic origin, and from which still gleams the power of the earth through the stones.

This Garden of Marvels could have been inspired by a text, the enigmatic Hypnerotomachia Polyphilii, who tells of an esoteric dreaming journey, in which the protagonist wakes up to enter a second dream, dreamed within the first. In this journey, which is centered on the quest for the beloved, dead, woman, he tries to challenge death and to reunite with her. It’s a metaphor of an inward transformation in search of the courtly love for the ideal woman, Sophia: the True Knowledge.

It’s therefore, a real initiatory path of human evolution that guides the visitor through monsters and wonders that the place offers, which can now seem horrendous, now wonderful, because they concern the duality that exists in everyone and the trials that the hero has to overcome to defeat the monsters ...

Crossed the embattled arch, entrance to the garden, anyone who enters is immersed in a fantastic world populated of sphinxes, elephants, giant monsters, dragons, ogres, other beings and mysterious writings.

The “Monster” is the Park symbol, it has a huge mouth, where, on the top is written: 'every thought flies', which would think of the “silence” necessary to embark on the dream ....

CIVITA DI BAGNOREGIO, is a small village perched on top of a hill where only a dozen people live.

A place of charm that inspires wonder, respect, and poetry is reachable only by a long pedestrian bridge.

Crossing it in a state of silence and with the profound perceptive openness brought by the workshop of the previous days, will be like crossing a passage suspended into the nothingness, that will give you the chance to experience another dream, will be like entering a dream state and traveling through it ... experiencing an unusual, quiet, collectible and totally pedestrian world where you hear the many echoes of ancient times ...

It will also be an opportunity to get lost in the panoramic spaces all around, they too inviting you to enter another dream ... as in a dream into the dream ...

Civita di Bagnoregio is located in the Valle dei Calanchi (Badlands Valley) of the Tuscia, part of the Lazio region, founded by the Etruscans 2550 years ago. The morphology of this area is due to erosion, landslides and deforestation.

The cause of this isolation is the progressive erosion of the hill on which it is located and of the surrounding valley, which has given rise to the typical forms of the badlands, still evolving nowadays, risking to make it disappear …

Among the many artists who found inspiration in Civita is Hayao Miyazaki, whose famous oneiric cartoon Laputa -The Castle in the sky tells of a legendary castle- city that has been flying in the sky for hundreds of years, hidden by the clouds

To watch a short video about Civita di Bagnoregio:


For information write to:


Zoì cell: +39 340 246 2680 (italiano, français, espanol)
Klara cell: +39 348 870 0361 (italiano, français, english)